We specialize in the performance aspect of cars. In order to get more performance out of the engine, we work with Software, Hardware or a combination of both. Depending on your preferences and budget we can mix and match a few of those.

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Chiptuning / Remap Stage 1

Software upgrade

Our Stage 1 is a Software upgrade. We start from your original software and adjust the maps to obtain better performance. This is a custom adjustment, obtained by reseach and development both on our inhouse All Wheel Drive Mustang Dyno and by road testing.

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Turbo Upgrade

Hight Flow replacement Turbocharger

At Gulf-Performance we are creating our own high-flow turbochargers. These units have larger compressor and turbine wheels, CNC machined housings and are a direct fit replacement for your stock turbocharger. No longer are you limited by your turbocharger, modify yours and get some more power.

BMC AirFilter

High Flow replacement Airfilterer

Replace your paper airfilter by one that flows a lot more air. This will allow your engine to breath better and make more power.

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Exhaust Upgrade

High Flow exhaust 

Not only can you give your car a unique and more sporty sound, upgrading your exhaust can also yield significant performance gains on most cars. The factory exhaust is mainly aimed at a quite operation at stock power levels. Changing your exhaust for a version that can flow more air allows the engine to breath better and in turn give an improved throttle response plus more power and torque. Installation can be done by our inhouse team of mechanics. Don't wait any longer, give us a call and start enjoying your car just that little bit more !

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