A tuning solution for everyone

We make our own custom files for the cars, this means the file is adapted for the car itself. This takes into account any hardware changes that were made to the car, aswel as the cars specifics. Because not 2 cars are 100% the same.

Our aim is to make more power, while retaining a good safety margin for Dubai's hot weather.
We can, within reason, focus on special files (lower torque, more linear power, pedal feel,...) as not everyone is looking for the same thing.

How we do things

In order to do the tuning, we will start with a health check of the car. Only if the car is fit, will we do the tuning.

Things we will be looking for are :
- stored engine codes
- is your car performing ok on the standard tune
- no big boost-leaks, air leaks, misfires or other mechanical issues that need attention prior to tuning.
- …

If those are not ok, we will need to fix them first.
If the car is fine, we make a baseline run with the stock car, to have a reference.
Then I'll make and load a custom file. We will go out and test the car, while data logging, so we can record the changes.

You will feel the difference in power here :-)

Then some alterations will be made to fine-tune the car’s reactions, this is followed by another testrun. We repeat until satisfied with the results.

The whole process from A-Z takes a few hours. Remember, this is a custom job, not just a flash.
We can do all this on the Dyno at an extra cost.